A new agency researching future lifestyle trends for the fashion, interior and cosmetic industries has been launched in the south of France.

Headquartered in Nice, Style-Vision says its approach is based "on sociological analysis of consumer lifestyles and differs strongly from traditional trend agencies." A subscription to the new service enables designers and marketers to access up-to-date information via the Internet, CD-ROMs, and practical colour guides.

Next month, Style-Vision will release its Forma' report for the winter 2003/2004 season, covering trends for fashion, cosmetics and interiors. The resource will contain more than 150 ideas for consumer products such as clothes, packaging and interior decoration.

"Designers will find proposals to customise and align their collections in accordance to the future lifestyle of their target customers," says Style-Vision. 

To take the company and its services closer to it international clients, new offices will be opened in Copenhagen in June followed by London in August.