The Suits Company (SC), a popular apparel store that sells young men's suits, is adding RFID tags to all garments on its sales floor in Ginza, Tokyo.

As the company usually only displays one example of each suit and one pair of each of its shoes, customers can now know immediately if the store has their size simply by taking a suit to a display terminal and passing the item before it.

The tags are also used to provide other product-relevant information and to help with the stores' inventory.

The common feature of the Suits Company's four outlets is a two-price system, under which business suits are sold at only two prices set separately of more than JPY10,000 (US$86.32) but less than JPY30,000, with office workers in their 20s and 30s being the target customers.

The company has been using the system for selling shoes since September and said that the time saved by the new system meant sales rises of 10%.

Consequently SC was able to reduce the sales persons needed in each shop from three to two.

By Michael Fitzpatrick.