, the upmarket e-tailer of Italian menswear, has partnered with British American House, a well-known New York-based retailer of high fashion, high quality European menswear.

"British American House will allow us to use their shops as a venue for showing our products directly to the consumer," said Philip H. Pravda, CEO of "The consumer may go into a shop and see our garment's quality of fit and finish. They may buy in the boutique or do so online. There will be incentives for choosing either.

"In turn, we will let British American House use our site as an international access point to drive traffic to their stores. Downloadable coupons will be available for merchandise that will be displayed in their boutiques." has been working very hard to establish its links with manufacturers in Italy. It buys thousands of metres of super 100s and 120s wool and has the garments made in the most up-to-date suit models.

About British American House
British American House Incorporated is a premier retailer of European menswear with two locations in high traffic areas of New York City. It is located at 488 Madison Avenue since 1950 and 601 Fifth Avenue since 1991. Known for carrying handmade garments, it imports brand name collections from Italy, England, and Scandinavian countries. For more information please email

About Incorporated was created in 1998 as a means to establish a direct partnership with Italian piece good makers and manufacturers. After two years of product development and research, the company is ready to create partnerships within the US and will begin it's web operations by Fall 2000. For more information, visit, or email