Textile recycling solutions company I:Co has partnered with menswear fashion brand Suitsupply on a worldwide garment collection initiative in a bid to promote product end-of-life responsibility.

Customers can return their unwanted fashion and footwear in selected Suitsupply stores where the goods will be sorted and taken to their next and "ecologically most appropriate" use. Items in good condition get a second life, while unwearable textiles are processed to become secondary materials for new products such as cleaning cloth or insulation material.

Launched in Amsterdam in 2000, Suitsupply has since grown to over 80 international stores in cities such as Milan, London, Zurich, Amsterdam, New York, Toronto, Shanghai, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Meanwhile I:Co, whose name stands for I:Collect, aims to keep consumers' used clothing and shoes in a continuous closed loop production cycle where these good can be reprocessed and reused, reducing waste, preserves resources, and protecting the environment.

"Our take-back system is an easy opportunity for Suitsupply customers to return old clothes and shoes and to create awareness of saving resources," says I:Co CEO Axel Buchholz.

"By constantly extending our global recycling network and our engagement in innovation, we get closer to reaching our vision of enabling a circular economy for the textile industry where used clothing and shoes circulate in closed loops and are used over and over again for the manufacturing of new products. The I:Co take-back system is the basis for this circular economy that we are building together with our partners."

Also working with I:CO is US outdoor apparel and footwear specialist Columbia Sportswear, which is expanding its ReThreads clothing recycling programme to all US stores following a successful trial over the past year. 

Columbia Sportswear expands garment recycling to all US stores