Textile and apparel industry executives from 16 countries have pledged to attend the "Summit on Fair Trade in Clothing and Textiles" being held in Brussels, Belgium on June 15-17.

The event is being sponsored by the founding groups of the Istanbul Declaration who are trying to persuade the World Trade Organisation to delay the lifting of textile and apparel quotas on January 1, 2005. 

They argue that the phase-out will cost 30 million jobs lost around the world and lead to devastation to dozens of economies.

They also cite recent import data from the United States as revealing that China has now taken 65 per cent of the market for those apparel products which were removed from quota control little more than two years ago. 

"China, through its use of currency manipulation and other unfair trade practices, has now opened up a 30 per cent price gap with the rest of the world," the groups add.

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