Bangladesh garment manufacturer Shore to Shore Textiles, a supplier to H&M, M&S and Next Plc, is tapping the network of cloud-based supply chain platform GT Nexus to obtain access to capital to fund its business and improve performance.

The company, which makes men's and women's under garments, has adopted an early payment programme through GT Nexus to improve cash flow and free up its present credit line with banks. Through the platform, it obtains access to capital at competitive rates to support day-to-day operations.

At present, Shore to Shore faces payment terms as far out as 90 days when serving customers in the US and Europe. These terms, it says, often strain the company and outside financing is needed to support day-to-day expenses, such as salaries.

"We are able to ease capital related challenges by transacting on the GT Nexus network," said Rakibur Rahman, general manager at Shore to Shore. "In a single automated environment, we receive orders, submit invoices and receive funding from RTS International, a finance provider on the network. We know exactly when we will get paid, and it's within days."

Shore to Shore Textiles was established in 2006, and has an annual turnover of US$50m. It services major brands such as Charles Komar, Ariel Alpha, Calzedonia, Celio, Cubus, Jules and Charlott.

The early payment programme provided by the GT Nexus network obtains visibility into trading partners and delivers funding based on the financial strength of a company's customer.

"Manufacturers like Shore to Shore are able to improve the overall health of their business – and the strength of the whole supply chain, when they can access capital faster and at rates significantly lower than the local market is offering," said Kurt Cavano, chief strategy officer at GT Nexus. "Finance providers like RTS International are willing and able to offer more robust forms of financing due to the visibility they have into the supply chain."

RTS International provides funding solutions for clients in more than 40 countries and has partnered with GT Nexus since 2012.