A bid has been made by three major suppliers to send Toronto-based Dylex into bankruptcy.

The suppliers say they are owed more than $2.2m by discount retailer, BiWay, whose parent company is Dylex.

Lawyers acting for the suppliers say they have also been contacted by other suppliers also owed money.

The bid comes a month after the Dylex was taken over by US-controlled Hardof Wolf Group.

 Hardof Wolf plan to convert many of BiWay's 261 outlets to dollar stores.

Orientex Industries of Ontario, an apparel importer, is owed $1,776,768.66 for goods sold and delivered while Transcontinental Sales, a Montreal-based apparel importer, is owed $269,819.71.

Safdie Co of Montreal, a household linens distributor, is owed $160,857.24. The matter is due to come before a bankruptcy judge or a registrar in bankruptcy if the petitioning is unopposed on June 26.