Customers not only prefer to do business with employees in uniform, but they also feel more confident in the quality of the product or service, according to a new study conducted for the Uniform and Textile Service Association (UTSA) by JD Power & Associates.

The study also showed uniform wearing can be a deciding factor for customers when choosing a company from whom to buy. Uniforms provide an edge in obtaining, and keeping, business.

The study confirmed that uniforms give credibility not only to the employees who wear them but also to the products and services they sell. A large majority of consumers and business-to-business buyers surveyed for the study indicated they believed that the quality of the service or product provided would be higher because employees are in uniform.

UTSA claims part of the reason for this increased confidence is that both buyer groups (consumers and B2B buyers) associate positive personal characteristics with employees in uniforms.

When asked if uniforms increased their confidence in the employees' abilities to do their jobs, more than 60 per cent agreed. Similar majorities said they consider uniformed employees more credible and trustworthy than employees not in uniform and expressed that they felt more comfortable explaining their purchase or service needs to uniformed employees.