The Outdoor Industries Association (OIA) and Outdoor Sports Valley (OSV) have become the latest national associations to adopt the European Outdoor Group (EOG) Sustainability Charter.

Launched in 2016, the EOG Sustainability Charter was developed by the association's CSR and Sustainability Council, in partnership with key external stakeholders. It sets out an understanding of good corporate citizenship and responsibility and articulates stages and aspirations of a journey towards best practice.

Companies and other organisations that sign up to the voluntary charter do so to express support for the importance of the EOG's work in sustainability, and to back the efforts and resources that are committed to that. Crucially, the EOG Sustainability Charter does not set out to be prescriptive, but provides a framework and articulates three strategic stages on a journey towards key sustainability objectives for the outdoor sector.

"The support of the Outdoor Industries Association and Outdoor Sports Valley is a clear sign that the Sustainability Charter is gaining excellent momentum across Europe," says Pamela Ravasio, head of CSR and sustainability at EOG. "We welcome the support of both associations and will work closely with them to help their members follow the steps towards a more sustainable future for the sector that are outlined in the charter."

The news follows a similar move by the Scandinavian Outdoor Group (SOG), which became the first organisation in Europe to sign the Sustainability Charter in May, and announced its 64 Scandinavian outdoor member brands are to sign the Charter individually as well.

The EOG's and SOG's CSR and sustainability teams offer ongoing support to organisations that sign up to the Sustainability Charter, providing advice, insights and guidance that will help them complete each stage of the journey at their own pace.

"As a national trade association we have a huge amount to cover on behalf of the UK outdoor industry, with limited resources of our own. For that reason, we rely heavily on our partners the European Outdoor Group, nowhere more than in matters of sustainability," explains Andrew Denton, CEO of the Outdoor Industries Association. "We are therefore delighted to be an early signatory to the Sustainability Charter - it will help us, our members and our industry remain at the forefront of something vital to us all as users and custodians of the outdoor environment."

Anne Schott, executive director of Outdoor Sports Valley, adds: "OSV established sustainability as a core value from the very beginning. Sustainability influences the decisions we make on behalf of our member companies. As an organisation that serves to unite stakeholders around a common set of goals, we are proud to act as part of this broader movement to create a more sustainable and responsible outdoor industry."