An online global sustainability training resource for fashion and apparel professionals is rolling out to the wider public for the first time next month.

Created with a team of apparel, education and sustainability experts by the Sustainable Fashion Academy (SFA) in Stockholm, Sweden, The Sustainability Fundamentals was designed for retailers and brands working in the fashion, luxury, sport, outdoor and footwear industries.

But the group believes its content also serves to educate those outside the industry that are interested in sustainability and its pivotal role in fashion and apparel.

The syllabus includes modules to help participants understand the key sustainability challenges and opportunities during garment production, use and end-of-use; as well as help identify a range of solutions to effectively address these challenges.

There will also be a look at what industry leaders are doing to address these issues, how to contribute to improved sustainability performance within a company, and how to continue the sustainable journey after the course.

"We expect the sustainable apparel movement to experience unprecedented momentum in 2017, and SFA is ready to support the process moving forward," the Sustainable Fashion Academy says.

"While climate change and geo-political shifts put the industry under pressure, conscientious global consumers demand ever more transparency and increasing corporate commitment to sustainability from favourite brands and retailers."

SFA's partners and clients include fashion, apparel and textile SMEs, NGOs, educational institutions, internationally renown sustainability and apparel experts, and leading global brands and retailers, including Asos, Asics, Filippa K, Gap, Inditex, H&M, Oysyho, Peak Performance and Zara.

Registration is now open for The Sustainability Fundamentals Term 2 – 2017, which kicks off on 3 April.