Functional fabric specialist Sympatex has partnered with environmental activist group Greenpeace to develop a prototype of what it claims is the "ultimate" functional jacket, combining performance with sustainability to close the loop.

The jacket, dubbed the "functional jacket 4.0", is 100% recyclable laminate from the current Sympatex portfolio and can be spun out to create new fibres at the end of its wear time with the help of an upcycling procedure.

For this reason, an integrated return print bearing the Sympatex company address will be included inside each jacket and, once received, the jacket will be sent directly to a plastic recycler, which allows for spinning out the PES fibres, consequently closing the loop.

The membrane, the production waste of which is completely reused via the Sympatex pre-consumer recycling, consists of 100% polyether-ester and is produced in a completely climate neutral way.

Meanwhile, the 100% recycled outer fabrics and linings consist of polyester fibres certified by GRS (global recycled standard) and Bluesign, while due to the colouring by means of digital print, no traditional wet colouring is required.

"Our closed loop meets textile industry 4.0 lighthouse project deals with the development of a customisable, recycled and in turn recyclable functional jacket 4.0," says Dr Rüdiger Fox, CEO of Sympatex Technologies.

While Fox adds the company is not going to produce a further collection, it aims to use the prototype as an example of the opportunities already available that can be implemented today.

"This project combines highest clothing performance and fashion style with at the same time optimised sustainability and we invite the entire industry to replicate these technological opportunities unscrupulously that are available already today," he says.

Compared to 1kg of oil-based polyester fibres, the production of 1kg of recycled polyester fibres guarantees a 32% CO2 reduction, 60% energy savings and 94% less water consumption.

The jacket will be presented at OutDoor 2017 which will be held in Friedrichshafen, Germany, on 18 – 21 June.

It will be available for purchase online from 18 June, with customers able to customers able to configure their personal favourite jacket from different colour samples and design elements.