Nautica Enterprises Inc, a designer, manufacturer and marketer of quality sportswear and furnishings, has implemented SyVox Corp's SpeechNet Logistics at its interim warehouse facility. This interim facility, located in Martinsville, VA, distributes women's apparel and furnishings. Ultimately, Nautica says it intends to deploy the SyVox system in its new facility, which is currently under construction and will be complete this fall.

SyVox SpeechNet Logistics enables warehouse workers to communicate hands- and eyes-free with enterprise data management systems to improve the speed of warehouse operations. Utilising the SyVox system will enable Nautica to increase productivity by allowing warehouse pickers to be hands-free, reduce their reliance on manual order entry, and assemble cartons much more efficiently.

"The Nautica pick-to-carton methodology is an ideal fit for what SyVox has to offer," said Tim Zimmerman, vice president of sales and marketing of SyVox Corporation.

Warehouse sites can take on additional users by simply adding additional SpeechNet Control Units. Each unit is a SyVox-certified computer that connects to the enterprise network and provides individual instructions to a wearable computer via a wireless network.