A one-day conference is being planned early next year on on digital and screen printing technologies used in the production of fashion, sportswear and promotional clothing.

Organised by the European Specialist Printing Manufacturers Association (ESMA), the event will look at the latest technologies and opportunities to develop the market for sportswear and fashion T-shirt printing, which is rapidly regaining market share throughout Europe.

Speakers include Andreas Kiesewetter from Agenture Kiesewetter who will be speaking on 'Branding excellence in sportswear and T-shirt printing. There will also be sessions on digital textile printing in the future, 3D-printing and sensoric textiles, and the latest digital printing technology. Sustainability issues will also be covered.

Screen printing is still the most important process for T-shirt printing, and speakers will look at computer to film technology as well as all-in-one screen treatment technology for better ecological and economical screen reclaiming.

The Sportswear & Fashion T-shirt Printing Conference is scheduled for 3 February 2012 and will be held at the International Congresscenter Stuttgart during the international textile trade fair TV TecStyle Vision which runs from 2-4 February 2012.