Zip and trim firm Tag-It Pacific has launched a line of zips which it says "substantially surpass" current child safety standards.

The Talon KidZips are made from reinforced materials which make them stronger and safer than traditional small-sized zips, the company claim. They are also manufactured using a technique giving them pull-off strengths of up to 50 lbs.

The zips - which have been certified by three independent laboratories - will be available to manufacturers worldwide through Talon International, a  wholly owned subsidiary of Tag-It Pacific.

"Accidental injury is the leading cause of death in children and Tag-It is committed to providing products that can reduce the risk of harm in order to give parents peace of mind regarding their children's garment safety," said Stephen Forte, chief executive officer, Tag-It Pacific Inc.

"Manufacturers can also be certain that they are incorporating a durable solution into their clothing lines that exceeds the standards for protecting the safety of young children."

Tag-It pointed out that it has already committed to eliminating lead from its zips for safety reasons and it added that the Talon KidZip is also nickel-free, cutting down chances of skin irritation.