Trim item distributor Tag-It Pacific has announced that it has made inducement grants of 135,135 shares and options to purchase 1,035,135 shares to Stephen Forte, its new chief executive officer.

The company, a full service outsourced trim management department for manufacturers of fashion apparel and owner of the Talon brand zipper, appointed Forte as CEO on 24 October 2005.

The options and shares were granted with the approval of Tag-It's board of directors, including a majority of the independent directors. In lieu of US$50,000 in cash compensation, Forte was granted 135,135 shares of common stock and a non-qualified option to purchase an additional 135,135 shares of common stock. Forte has also been granted a non-qualified option to purchase 900,000 shares of common stock.

All options and stock grants are an inducement to Forte agreeing to serve as CEO.