Apparel fasteners, trims and interlinings supplier Tag-It Pacific Inc has changed its name to Talon International Inc, with immediate effect, in a move that links it more closely with its key brand.

As from today (23 July), its American Stock Exchange symbol will change from TAG to TLN.

"Adopting the name of our key brand reflects our core marketing strategy to capitalise on the dramatic growth opportunities in the $7bn international zipper market," said Stephen Forte, chief executive officer of Talon International.

Talon International offers metal and synthetic zippers under the Talon brand name and markets these worldwide through the company's owned offices, as well as through agents, distributors and affiliates in numerous international markets.

In addition, it also provides a range of woven, leather, synthetic, embroidered and novelty labels and tapes for apparel brands and distributes the Tekfit stretch waistband.