RFID label maker Tageos has launched a new item-level apparel label aimed at delivering improved tag performance at a lower cost.

Tageos EOS-400 is equipped with the next-generation NXP Ucode 7 chip and has a 70mm by 17mm form factor that matches the size of RFID tags in retail apparel.

Designed specifically for the apparel industry, it is made of paper, with no plastic inlay, and has a “smarter” antenna design.

Tageos said the new tag had recently been certified by the RFID ARC at the University of Arkansas for categories A (denim, apparel), B (polybagged apparel), C (boxed items) and D (hanging apparel).

Meanwhile, Tageos has supplied its RFID technology to French online retailer Vente-privee.com, to ease the processes behind the company’s 30-40 daily flash sales to over 19m members.

The company’s manual barcode tracking method was unable to deliver sufficient visibility and traceability, with the volume of product samples multiplying sixfold in the past four years.

RFID integrator Frequentiel implemented Tageos’ EOS-500 RFID labels, linked to Vente-privee’s information system by WMS specialist A-SIS, which developed the business application with the use of Frequentiel’s RFID Middleware module.