Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) has developed a new smart clothing line with the ability to provide fatigue warnings and regulate blood pressure. 

The iSmartweaR clothing technology, jointly developed with Taiwan's Eclat Textile Corporation, integrates nanosecond pulse near-field sensing technology (NPNS), with washable conductive fabrics, allowing textile products to track vital signs without bodily contact. 

"ITRI's smart clothing technology uses a single antenna radar sensing design that can simultaneously detect human heartbeats, breathing rates, and other activity levels all without causing any discomfort for the user. Utilising low-power microwave technology, iSmartweaR does not have direct contact with the skin, thus causing no direct pressure on the wearer's body," says ITRI's website.

The NPNS features miniature low-power radar, utilising blue tooth transmission to connect with ICT systems. It is designed to measure the wearer's pulse and transmits the pulse signals with amplitudes to monitor the user's physical activity, sleep quality and emotional state.

ITRI says the smart garment technology breaks the mould of traditionally uncomfortable smart clothing that has poor heat dissipation, poor durability and lower sensor sensitivity. Its features include comfort, radio transmission of information, communications with mobile phones and tablets (Bluetooth 4.0) and real-time data transmission and analysis.