Fashion mannequins based on the results of an extensive SizeGermany national sizing survey are being used by value clothing retailer Takko Fashion to improve the size and fit of its apparel. 

The dimensions of the fashion manikins correspond exactly to those in the SizeGermany table of sizes - something which is clearly illustrated by corresponding dimension lines on the manikin itself," explains Michaela Beck, who is responsible for design at Takko Fashion's quality assurance division.

"This means we can ensure - as early as the product development stage - that apparel in a specific size will actually fit our customers later."

The 2009 size survey, carried out by the Hohenstein Institute in partnership with body scanning equipment developer Human Solutions, discovered that consumers in Germany were getting taller and bigger.

The resulting fashion manikins are based on the 3D avatars created from the data. The first available sizes are 36, 38, 42, 46, 50 and 54 for ladies' wear, 50 and 54 for men's wear and 152 and 140 for children's apparel. 

Featuring soft inserts in the chest, abdomen, hips and buttocks, the mannequins are available either as full-body, torso or lower body fashion manikins, with optional rotating arms and with a height-adjustable metal stand or head.

Takko Fashion, which has about 1,700 stores in 16 European countries, posted a gross turnover of EUR1.25bn (US$1.59bn) in fiscal 2011/12.