TAL Apparel Group has saved US$2.1m or 1% of fabric consumption after implementing a cut plan and order management solution from Lectra

The Hong Kong-based manufacturer operates ten factories in South East Asia, with an output of more than 55m pieces a year, and employs 25,000 people.

In 2012, TAL adopted Lectra's Optiplan for improved organisation and control of the pre-production process to save on fabric consumption and maximise human efficiency.

TAL estimates its year-on-year fabric saving at US$2.1m - equalling 1% of fabric consumption. In addition is "the reduction of time to do the cut plan", TAL says, with Lectra doing it in ten minutes versus one employee taking half an hour or more.

The intangible savings related to time, TAL adds, means the company is less dependent on the person doing the cut plan and get more consistent results.