Apparel fastener and trim business Talon International has ended its long-running legal dispute with Pro-Fit Holdings over the patented Tekfit stretch-waistband technology.

The litigation, which was originally launched against Talon by Pro-Fit in 2004, ended with Talon securing patent rights within the US, as well as the ability to market the technology worldwide.

Talon said the final settlement provided for the unconditional release of it and all related entities from all claims, as well as the acquisition of all US patents, licences, rights and technology.

No damages were paid and all actions were dismissed with prejudice, the company added.

Talon CEO Lonnie Schell said Tekfit had been incorporated into many top retail brands since its launch in 2002, including Polo Ralph Lauren, Eddie Bauer and Levi’s Dockers.

“The Pro-Fit litigation left many customers hesitant to incorporate a unique technology while its ownership was in dispute, and this uncertainty severely hampered our ability to sell this product,” Schell added.

“Now that the uncertainty is ended, we are already seeing the retail appetite for this innovative product change.”