Leather manufacturer ISA Tan Tec is to disclose information on the environmental footprint of all its products so that customers such as shoe firms Timberland, Hush Puppies and New Balance can calculate the emissions of their own products.

The German-Chinese Tannery will specify how much CO2 is generated and how much water is consumed per square metre of leather for each of its products.

"Especially with brand-name products, increasing numbers of consumers are paying attention to whether they are manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner," remarked Thomas Schneider, founder and CEO of ISA Tan Tec.

The company uses a colour scale based on benchmark data from the British Leather Technology Center for its calculations.

How far below the BLC's figures ISA Tan Tec products fall determines how the different types of leather are categorised on the scale.

As part of its green tanning strategy, ISA Tan Tec has reduced energy and water consumption at its main factory in the Chinese town of Guangzhou by up to 50%, and recently broke ground on a factory in Vietnam that meets even higher environmental standards.