The Tanzanian government has published a guide to its textile and garment sub-sector in an effort to attract increased international investment into the country.

In the guide, Dr Abdallah Omari Kigoda, Tanzanian Minister for Industry and Trade, said the potential offered by the country’s textile and garment industry was “substantial and wide-ranging”.

He drew attention to the country’s status as one of Africa’s major cotton producers, with the average crop yield for the past three years reaching 275,700 tons of seed cotton.

“The country has a long history in garment and textile production going back as far as 1966,” Dr Kigoda added. “Tanzania is therefore a country which offers opportunities for value addition from field to factory.”

Tanzania has a dedicated textile and garment support unit (TDU), set up in 2012 and, Dr Kigoda claimed, competitively low wages and a range of investment incentives.

The country’s government has also declared textiles and garment manufacturing a priority sub-sector as it aims to achieve middle income country status by 2025.