In its bid to make it easier for firms to carry out 3D body scans in retail environments, clothing technology and research organisation [TC]² has launched a new low cost 3D body scanning system and new body measurement system software.

The LC-12 is said to be ideal for made-to-measure clothing as well as size and style prediction at retail. Health and fitness applications needing to measure the body in detail may also benefit from the model, [TC]² says.

Features include safe white light technology, an automated, private scan environment, and a small  enough footprint to fit in many changing room spaces. It is also capable of carrying out hundreds of automatic body measurements.

Another release from the not-for-profit corporation is Version 7.0 of its body measurement system software for the NX-16 3D Body Scanner, and an update to V-Dresser.

A new external viewer application is included for content created from the 3D body scanner's virtual fashion interface. The viewer also supports the creation and display of animated virtual fashion image sequences which allows content created on the scanner to be distributed across a network and viewed on any connected PC.

It is also possible to “data slice and export” a wider variety of body scan data sets, which could be used to superimpose a scan with a garment on and with the garment off to evaluate gaps for fit or analysis purposes.

Separately, [TC]² has deployed its 3D body scanning virtual fashion system in Europe for the first time, at the Cocor Store in Bucharest.