Dunalco's SealSkinz range has been given what it describes as "the ultimate accolade" by being chosen as one of the official kit suppliers for Team America, the American entry into the round the world yacht race,

SealSkinz is a range of waterproof socks and gloves that will prove beneficial to the American crew as they sail around the world in near zero tempratures.

President and founder of Dunalco, Cole Williams, said: "You can't ask for much harsher environments than ocean sailing in the dead of winter, and you can't ask for better waterproof protection than SealSkinz. We're proud to outfit Team Adventure with our best gear and help them meet the challenges they will find out there and get them around the world safe and dry."

"As a manufacturer of outdoor gear targeted at extreme adventurers and the outdoors, we understand the need for ultimate waterproof protection in fierce conditions - especially in a wet environment filled with below zero temperatures and intense winds. The addition of SealSkinz will help Team Adventure concentrate less on the physical environment and more on the challenges associated with this type of offshore sailing," Williams added.

As part of the sponsorship deal, Team America will provide SealSkinz with information on how the new products perform and what improvements could be made.

SealSkinz patented design features a Moisture Vapor Transpiration (MVT) membrane. This ensures complete dryness as perspiration escapes through the membrane while water is prevented from entering.

Their stretch-to-fit, seamless design helps to forestall blisters and chafing, even after hours of the harshest activities. SealSkinz Gloves with gripper dots allow for maximum gripping power and flexibility.