Octa Neo offer stiffness, stretchiness and breathability

Octa Neo offer stiffness, stretchiness and breathability

Textile and fibre company Teijin has developed a new multilayer fibre for use in sportswear, underwear and uniforms.

Teijin Frontier Co, the Teijin Group's fibre-product converting company, says it will release Octa Neo in time for 2017 spring/summer sportswear and underwear applications. The company is targeting annual sales of 500,000 metres by the fiscal year ending March 2020. 

Octa Neo is a sheath-core fibre that uses Teijin's Octa hollow, eight-fin polyester fibre filament as its core material. Octa, the company explains, has a unique cross section comprising eight projections, or fins, aligned in a radial pattern around a tube-like fibre. This can be combined with various chemical and natural staple fibres

The multilayer fibre combines the low weight, high bulkiness, water absorption and water diffusion of Octa with the texture and softness of staple fibres selected for each application. It also offers stiffness, stretchiness and breathability.

Octa Neo can be integrated through combined weaving with other Teijin fibres for expanded applications, such as T-shirts, polo shirts, underwear or denim.