Textile and fibre company Teijin has unveiled a new version of its Solotex fabric, specifically designed to provide cushioning, a smoother texture, and improved elasticity for sports apparel.

According to the company, while Solotex staple fibre wadding offered "excellent" cushioning, it did not retain its shape. The revamped Solotex RC now provides superior vertical cushioning thanks to the use of crimped polytrimethylene terephthalate (PTT) fibre arranged in a continuous radial around a main axis.

The new fabric also features omnidirectional bulkiness due to its three-dimensional structure, gentle elasticity and, according to Teijin, offers both quality and durability as Solotex RC is easy care, lightweight and utilises shock absorbing characteristics.

Teijin will conduct trial sales mainly for sports apparel in the current fiscal year. Annual sales are expected to reach 30 tonnes by March 2019.

Last month, the company announced plans to pursue new merger and acquisition opportunities in a bid to optimise local production for local consumption and reinforce its production capabilities around the world. 

Fibre firm Teijin eyes M&A on return to profit