Protective fabric specialist TenCate has played down the expected impact on its business of potential cuts in the US defence budget.

The company supplies a range of materials, including the Defender M fabrics which provide flame resistant (FR) performance for military uniforms.

But it believes that while "considerable" savings are proposed to the US defence budget, the focus on personal protection remains high and spending on equipment for individual soldiers is likely to increase. It also says there is likely to be an increase in the number of soldiers wearing fire resistant uniforms.

The company added that it has built up considerable inventories over 2011, and that sales of its TenCate Defender" M product will largely follow the deployment of US troops.

TenCate affirmed that it is working with the Cohen Group to develop its international business and has found that greater attention to end-user marketing is producing positive results.

The company also said that while it expects a drop in sales of its TenCate Defender M products, it sees higher sales of other fire-resistant materials for defence, police, fire fighters and other industrial applications.

"The decline in the number of US military personnel deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan should not be overestimated, in view of the fact that, set against this, growth can be observed in respect of other customers and there will be a larger geographic breakdown of sales," the company said.