Supermarket retailer Tesco has announced that its executive director responsible for corporate and legal affairs, Dame Lucy Neville-Rolfe, will retire in January 2013.

Her responsibilities will be divided between Adrian Morris, who will join from BP as group general counsel on 3 September, and Rebecca Shelley, who joined the group from Brunswick on 1 May and will take responsibility for corporate affairs.

"During her period at Tesco, Lucy has transformed the professionalism of the corporate affairs function as well as on the legal side, leading for the company on three major competition enquiries," said chief executive Philip Clarke.

"Lucy has always shown unrelenting determination and great finesse and Tesco is indebted to her for many outstanding achievements, not least for leaving behind a strong team.

"Our position, both at home and overseas, is undoubtedly much better as a consequence. We will miss her wise counsel when she retires in six months' time".