ISIS/Koppermann, the North American distributor for German software firm Koppermann Computersystemes, has released the second generation of its Tex Store software.

Tex Store is the three-dimensional software module of the Tex Design CAD system. It allows users to design their own store or shop interiors to include floor and wall coverings as well as the lighting and ambience.

Three-dimensional fixtures can be imported directly from Auto CAD or 3D-Studio dragged, dropped and positioned into the store or shop environment. Garments in their various colourways, signing and most any other object in an open file format can be quickly introduced into the system then dragged and dropped directly on to the fixtures and manipulated further. The user can virtually move throughout the store and among the fixtures and garments creating an in-store or shop experience.

A complete planning database plug-in using the Koppermann Tex Define engine allows the assortments to be planned by door, style, colour and size, linking back to the virtual store. Changes in one are automatically reflected in the other.

"This is the only software of its kind to totally link design, assortment planning and visually display into one package", said ISIS/Koppermann president, Michael DeMatteis.

"The bottom line impact of this software for any retailer or wholesaler involved with in-store shops will be tremendous. You can create the environment for the coming season directly from your assortment plan and visualise it before a sample has been constructed.

"The effects of changes to the plan or the shop can be seen immediately and, once you have made your decision, a visual plan of each fixture, the garments on it and the related data can be generated. You can place this visual output, either digitally or hard copy, into the hands of the store or visual personnel eliminating any confusion or mistakes."