Texon's new launch, the  blown TPU outer sole Texon TerraGrip, is taking the company further into the development of injection moulded outer soles.

Super-light blown TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) is viewed by many as the future of outer sole technology because of its wear resistance qualities combined with an almost flawless appearance that is soft to touch. Full recyclability is also a major advantage.

The Texon TerraGrip features new sole pattern technology and a design specifically for use in all-terrain footwear such as military, construction, safety and trekking shoes or boots. A unique cleat arrangement with v-shaped spacing avoids debris pick-up. The sole pattern provides grip in every linear and radial direction, but at the same time avoids undesirable grip or 'bedding in' that can cause tripping or ankle injuries.

Through the acquisition of Cornwall Components last year, Texon International has inherited a wealth of technical knowledge and 30 years of expertise in moulded soles (heels, and top pieces) as well as a vast range of products.

The company is in the process of consolidating its injection sole moulding plants in developed markets around the world. It's existing injection moulding production is located in the UK, Australia and Portugal, with another site currently being established in India. The company is based in Leicester, England, and is a global supplier of shoe-insoles, stiffeners, and other footwear materials.

From Peter Embling, Shoestyle