Textile and apparel imports into the US fell slightly in May as apparel shipments continued to decline, according to official figures from the Department of Commerce Office of Textiles and Apparel (OTEXA).

Total imports were down 0.7% to 4.65bn square meter equivalents (SME), with a 3.9% increase in textile shipments to 2.83bn SME offset by a 7.2% decline in apparel imports to 1.82bn SME.

The monthly figures reflect the year-to-date import trends, which show total imports down 0.5% to 21.33bn SME, thanks to a 2.3% gain for textiles and a 3.3% decline for apparel.

The rolling annual totals for the year to the end of May show declines across the board: down 4.6% overall to 53.58bn SME, with a 2.6% decline for textiles and a 7.2% fall for apparel.

For total imports during May, imports from China edged up 1% to 2.19bn SME, but Vietnam fell 8.7% to 255.9m SME.

Mexico and the DR-CAFTA region were both down as well, falling 2.5% and 4.1% respectively, but there were double-digit gains for South Korea, up 12.7% to 127.5m SME, and for the EU15 countries, up 11.5% to 117.6m SME.