Textile and apparel imports into the US rose 3.53% during October as retailers ramped up their inventories ahead of the holiday season.

Official figures from the Department of Commerce's Office of Textiles and Apparel (OTEXA), showed the total volume of textile and apparel imports rose to 4.8bn square metre equivalents (SME).

Imports from China rose 5.46% to 2.4bn SME over the month. India (+1.86% to 281m SME), Vietnam (+7.77% to 310m SME), Mexico (+1.96% to 211m SME), Bangladesh (1.66% to 117m SME), Indonesia (13.85% to 137m SME) and South Korea (+3.16% to 110m SME) recorded growth over the month.

But Pakistan (-1.11% to 176m SME), Canada (-16.17% to 94m SME) and Honduras (-2.79% to 99m SME) all recorded declines over the month.

Meanwhile, year-on-year US apparel imports rose 5.81% to 2.2bn SME during the month.

Imports from China rose 6.97% to 1bn SME. Vietnam recorded a 15.58% rise to 211m SME. Gains were also seen from Bangladesh (+0.96% to 107m SME), Indonesia (+17.42% to 102m SME), Cambodia (+16.36% to 115m SME), India (+6.44% to 66m SME) and El Salvador (+2.29% to 66m SME).

However, Honduras (-3.82 to 95m SME), and Mexico (-1.5% to 63m SME) both recorded declines.

Textile imports rose 1.66% during October to 2.59bn SME, up from 2.55bn SME in October 2011.

Textile imports grew from China (+4.39% to 1.4bn SME), India (+0.6% to 218m SME), Mexico (+4.12% to 133m SME), South Korea (+4.99% 98m SME), Taiwan (+4.73% to 61m SME) and Indonesia (+4.62% to 35m SME).

But textile imports fell from Pakistan (-1.49% to 133m SME), Canada (-16.67% to 89m SME), Vietnam (-5.84% to 61m SME), and Turkey (-10.37% to 56m SME).