Pakistan's textile and clothing exports have jumped by 25.3% in the first quarter of the current financial year, according todata released by the State Bank of Pakistan, with gains in all sectors including cotton yarn and fabric, knitted and ready-made garments.

The figures show the sector's total exports rose to $3.47bn in the three months from July to September, up from $2.77bn in the same period last year.

The value of raw cotton exports quadrupled to $48.7m from $12.4m a year earlier, while cotton yarn jumped 45.8% to $431.2m, up from $295.7m last time. Shipments of cotton cloth climbed to $664.3m, a rise of 30.5% on last year's $509m.

Knitwear, which makes up the biggest export category, edged up just 8% to $699.9m from $648.1m in the three-month period. And ready-made garments grew 42% to $358.6m, up from $252.4m a year ago.

The rise in export value is largely due to higher unit prices. Pakistan aims to increase its textile and clothing exports to US$25bn by the year 2015 through enhanced market access and improved infrastructure under the five year textile policy which runs from 2009-14.