Textile and garment exporters are being given a new forum through which they can discuss problems and constraints facing the sector, as well as develop a shared vision for its development.

The forum was launched on Monday by the Ministry of Trade and Industry. It will be chaired by the Minister of State of Trade and Industry, and plans to hold meetings once every two months.

Ato Girma Biru, the Minister of Trade and Industry, told the Addis Tribune: "Every public and private sector enterprise engaged in the production and export of cotton, textile and garments, or in the supply of inputs to these producers and exporters are eligible for membership and are also allowed to participate in the meetings and activities of the forum."

He added that other bodies involved in the production and export of cotton, textiles and garments, would be invited to join the forum.

Its long-term aims are to develop a competitive, world-class textile and garment industry, and to monitor the export production of textiles and garments in Ethiopia.