The American Textile Manufacturers Institute (ATMI) has called on the government to introduce measures to help get the industry back on track - particularly after the recent terrorist attacks.

Carlos Moore, the ATMI's executive director, said that the government could help by backing off the strong dollar and resolving remaining issues on dyeing and finishing and filament yarn texturing in the Caribbean Basin Trade Partnership Act (CBTPA).

The ATMI also is working with the government and seeking congressional action to increase liquidity for the industry through loan guarantees and tax refunds and is also looking at ways to handle dumping of yarn and fabric in the US.

Moore explained that banks are charging textile companies a higher rate of interest than other customers because of bankruptcies and other financial problems in the industry.

He claimed loan guarantees would help reduce interest rates to a more normal level and that The tax refunds could come in the form of extending the period that losses could be carried back as much as 10 years.

"This is a good time for the government to step in to help these companies that have been damaged by Asian companies," Moore added. "We need to make sure that NAFTA and CBTPA remain an advantage to us."

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