Officials from the Thailand Textile Institute will tomorrow launch a pilot project for supply chain management in conjunction with two of the country's leading textile manufacturers - Thanalongkorn Group and Nanyang Co.

The project has taken three years to develop and aims to boost the performance of the key textile and clothing sector through a series of phases, including the linking of global information systems and greater supply-chain cooperation.

He added the initiative has already attracted interest from more than 200 companies keen to improve their management chain, while a high-tech information-integration system linking the entire industry will allow firms to respond quickly to consumers' needs.

Institute spokesman Mana Hiran told The Nation newspaper it has formed a supply chain committee to support the project and form business alliances and partnerships between manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

"With intense global competition and rapid change in market demand, the supply chain will indeed be a crucial mechanism and integral part of strengthening Thailand's textile industry competitiveness in response to the changing patterns of management," he told the paper.

"We acknowledge that one of the difficulties of implementing the supply chain in Thailand is trust. In principle, it will be based on openness and honesty to earn trust and loyalty that would result in long-term benefits for all parties."