The Indian Textile Clusters have signed a deal with Italian company Carrera Holdings to establish a textile cluster consortium which will be mainly focused on marketing, employee training and finance.

The Consortium, which will have branch offices in textile parks in Europe and the US, aims to form a functional connection between manufacturers and the international market.

Members of the Mumbai-based consortium will include textile parks Cauvery Hi-Tech Weaving Park, Palladam Hi-Tech Weaving Park, Erode Hi-Tech Weaving Park, Vaigai Hi-tech Weaving Park, The Karur Hi-tech Weaving Park and Hyderabad Hi-Tech Textile Park, as well as Carrera company Banyan Tree Holding.

Carrera reportedly plans to spend USD2.5 million on the consortium, with the aim of enabling Carrera to share technology, marketing assistance and financial assistance with textile parks more easily.