UK-based Altrigen Solutions has launched the latest version of its new Internet-based customer/supplier network for the textile industry.

Called Dataview, the system allows information such as order details, stock positions and bill of materials to be transferred seamlessly between computer systems. It provides secure online data display and the ability to transfer data between companies using an Internet portal. Information can be extracted from subscribers' computer systems and displayed as a customised web page, or it can be downloaded and integrated to a specified subscriber's system using the Internet-based network.
The network offers the potential not only for customer/supplier links, but also for supplier/supplier communications.

Altrigen Solutions was formed in 2000 as a management buyout of the information technology department of Drummond Group, a UK woven fabric manufacturer. Here, the management team developed a textile management enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for controlling the sale, manufacture and purchasing of woven fabrics. The system is now sold and serviced under licence by Altrigen Solutions.

"Dataview is not a buying/selling portal and is more than just passing on orders," said commercial director Robert Convery. "The system allows companies to seamlessly interchange data, but without the requirement to run the same system."

By Geoff Fisher.