The number of textile and apparel enforcements made by US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) edged up year-on-year in several categories during 2013, including seizures, commercial fraud penalties and examinations.

During 2013 there were 9,300 intellectual property rights-related seizures valued at $15.7m. This works out at a rise of 29.6% in volume terms compared with the prior year's 7,174 intellectual property seizures - but an increase of just 8.7% in value over the $14.44m recorded in 2012.

Quarterly figures ranged from a high of 3,246 seizures in the second quarter to a low of 1,085 in the third quarter.

In contrast, non-IPR seizures, including smuggling, fell to 67 valued at $5.79m, down from the 95 seizures valued at US$7.48m booked in 2012.

Meanwhile, some 23 commercial fraud penalties were imposed, totalling $22.01m, compared to 21 penalties totalling $27.32m in the prior year. This remains well below the 48 penalties worth $27.32m recorded in 2011.

There were 968 liquidated damages claims associated with textiles during 2013, with 908 related to entry, 44 related to temporary importations under bond, and 16 related to redelivery.

CBP officials visited eight countries and 143 factories over the year for illegal transshipment, finding some 14.7% discrepant. This was down on last year, when nine countries and 172 factories were visited and 26% were found discrepant.

The results continue to come in well below the high of 12 countries and 712 factories visited during the 2004 financial year, when some 65% of factories were found discrepant.

143 factories in eight countries were also visited for trade preference claims in 2013, with 35.7% found to be discrepant. This fell from 174 factories in nine countries in 2012, when 39% were discrepant.

The number of examinations rose to 11,279 last year, up 12.2% on the 10,055 carried out in 2012. But while 1155 or 10% were found discrepant, this is marginally down on the 1,108 or 11% a year earlier.

Some 33 audits were initiated and 43 completed in 2013, with $7.16m in recommended recoveries. In contrast, there were 39 audits initiated and 40 completed the year before, with recommended recoveries of $1.36m.

Meanwhile the number of laboratory analyses rose significantly, with CBP laboratories testing 1170 samples, of which 614 or 52% were found discrepant. In 2012, 572 out of 1,014 samples were found discrepant.

CBP also initiated seven special enforcement operations over the course of the year and completed nine.