A group of Pakistani exporters will hold crisis talks with the US Ambassador Wendy Chamberlain later this week amid fears of a slump in textile trade with the States following the recent terrorist attacks.

The delegation of exporters will first discuss their concerns with the Minister of Commerce, Abdul Razzak Dawood, in Islamabad on Friday, before meeting with Chamberlain.

They claim no fresh export orders have been received from US buyers since the attacks on September 11 because of buyers' fears that all the shipments would be stopped in the event of a war in the region.

Nowhere is that more evident than in the leather industry where no fresh orders have been received from the US or Europe for autumn and winter season, said Fawad Ijaz Khan, former chairman of Pakistan Tanners Association (PTA), on Friday.

He predicted that leather made exports are likely to fall by at least 25 per cent last month and this month as many buyers have cancelled visits to Karachi on the advice of overseas governments.

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