Chinese textile exports to the EU surged 40% during the first eight months of the year, the Financial Times reported, citing trade data from the European Commission.

The report said escalating exports from China had inflicted little change on the EU's total export figures, but had negatively affected other exporting countries in Asia and Africa.

Though EU producers had feared the expiration of global trade quotas would hit their earnings badly, it has mainly been developing countries that have suffered from liberalised trade, the data shows.

EU textile imports grew 2.1% in value terms and 2% in volume in the eight-month period, the report said, while Burma and the Philippines were the worst affected by the end of quotas, reporting a 54.4% and 41.4% slump in EU imports in value terms respectively.

South Korea reported a 28.6% decline, Thailand a 15.1% decline, Pakistan 16.3% a decline, and Bangladesh a 9.3% decline.

EU trade commissioner Peter Mandelson agreed a comprehensive deal with China in June to restrict the influx of Chinese textile imports.