Taiwanese textured yarn suppliers Yi Jinn Industrial Co and Lan Fa Textile Co are to increase capacity at their yarn production plants in Taiwan and China, respectively,

Yi Jinn has imported 10 high-speed texturing machines costing NT$300 million (US$8.67m) from Germany which are capable of upping processing speed by 20 per cent, while maintaining quality.

The company also plans to boost production capacity at its Hangzhou plant in mainland China. The aim is to upgrade their products overall, to focus on higher end markets, said Yi Jinn president Chan Cheng-tien.

Meanwhile, Lan Fa has invested NT$900m (US$26m) in 30 new high speed texturing machines, 18 of which will be installed in its Chupei plant in Northern Taiwan by the end of the year. Once the plant is running at its full capacity of 60 texturing machines, it will produce 1,350 metre textured yarns per minute.

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