Up to a dozen small and medium-sized textile companies will be the first in Thailand to take part in the Thai Foundation Quality System to obtain the internationally recognised ISO 9000 certification.

The pilot project, which is being run by the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), will enable 10 textile enterprises to join the local standards programme to help them raise their competitiveness and productivity levels.

NSTDA officials will give the companies' staff training and advice on management control, quality development and productivity improvement, while the project also has the support of the Thai Textile and Garment Industry Development Foundation

To qualify for the programme, companies must have registered capital not exceeding 50 million baht and no more than 200 employees. Two thirds of the 30,000 baht fee will be refunded to any firm that obtains the certification within 12 months.

Thailand's textile exports in the first eight months of the year were worth $2.13 billion, while the industry employed 843,200 people - around 2.5 per cent of the country's workforce. However, only 3,000 of the nation's 100,000 companies have been awarded ISO 9000 certification in the past 10 years and most of them were big enterprises.

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