A new bill which requires the US Government to use domestically sourced apparel and textile products for the Department of Homeland Security has won praise from textile companies.

The National Council of Textile Organisations (NCTO) said HR 3116, the Berry Amendment Extension Act, was important to the industry, especially as it followed the earlier Kissell Amendment, passed by Congress in March last year.

That bill included the first requirements in 15 years for the government to give priority to domestic companies when purchasing textile products.

“We applaud and thank Congressman Kissell for his leadership and for continuing his aggressive push to ensure that textile workers in his district and around the country are given new opportunities in Washington DC,” said NCTO president Cass Johnson.

Johnson also praised another Kissell bill which aims to create US jobs by cracking down on textile customs fraud from China and Pakistan.

The NCTO is calling on the US Senate to pass the legislation, and on the Obama Administration to take the necessary steps to apply the Berry Amendment.