Textile industry growth has slowed in China for the first eight months of 2003 despite an improvement in the general quality of operations, Xinhua News Agency has reported.

The country experienced a 10.24 per cent rise in the number of large textile enterprises in operation to 25,090, the agency said.

However, 5847 of these companies were running at a loss, it was reported, but this number was down 1.29 per cent on the previous seven months.

Similarly, profitability and asset operation capability among Chinese textile firms rose for the eight-month period, according to the agency, while industry output value increased 21.82 per cent year-on-year.

While the cotton, silk and finished garment sectors were able to reduce losses and raise profitability for the period, the woollen textile, chemical fibre, knitwear and ramie sectors reported year-on-year losses despite some instances of profitability, it was reported.