"We were saddened to hear the news last night of the death of US Senator Paul Coverdell (R-Ga.)," said the president of the American Textile Manufacturers Institute, Roger W Chastain, of Mount Vernon Mills, Inc."On behalf of the US textile industry, I want to extend our heartfelt sympathy, thoughts and prayers to the Senator's wife and family, staff, friends and colleagues in Congress."Recognized by his colleagues and constituents for his kind manner, for his commitment to the people of Georgia and this nation, and for his hard work as part of the Senate leadership, Sen. Coverdell was one of the US textile industry's champions in Congress. We will miss him."The American Textile Manufacturers Institute is the national trade association for the US textile industry. Member companies operate in more than 30 states and process nearly 75 per cent of all textile fibers consumed by plants in the United States.