With its new textile policy in place, India is attempting to change its trading strategies and is looking for investments from the European Union.

With a quota free textile market looking set for 2005, India will be looking to take the EU on as an industry partner, securing EU investment to expand and improve on an already strong textile market.

The EU is currently India's largest export target and therefore further links between the two will prove to be beneficial for both parties.

In an attempt to start up investor relations the Indian government has already invited a team of European textile industry leaders out to India to discuss various aspects of the Indian textile industry and attempt to sort out any possible problems that may arise.

Members from Euratex, the French Federation of the Cotton Industry and the Federation of Knitwear will be meeting with representatives from the Indian textile industry to establish possible supply chains between spinners, weavers and processors, as well as covering controversial issues such as market access, trade barriers and anti-dumping measures.

While they are in India the team will also have the opportunity to visit some of India's top apparel manufacturers and see how investment in the textile market has already helped to build up a strong industry.