Taiwan's textile industry needs a smart new image if it's to take full advantage of membership of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and enjoy a "bright future", the president of the Taiwan Textile Industry Corporation has warned.

Lin Wen-chung told delegates at a trade event that as companies look to globalise their operations, image and branding, along with technological innovation, will become the cornerstone of every success story.

He said Taiwan's many advantages over other countries included easy access to raw materials and chemicals used in the latest textile processes and a high level of expertise in dyeing and post-processing.

But he said the before the industry can take advantage of such benefits it needs to make itself more attractive to young engineers in a bid to fill some of the 6,000 textile-related vacancies.

He also called for more government funding to improve health and safety standards in the workplace and cuts in waste emissions that could harm the environment.

He added that Taiwan's textile market will continue to prosper "as long as the government recognises the need to cultivate talent as well as investing in research and development".