Textile Solutions, the system for global textiles trading, is offering its members quality assurance fabric testing and reporting services from Intertek Testing Services Ltd (ITS). The service is available through www.textilesolutions.com textilesolutions.com.Members can order a vast range of quality tests from fabric shrinkage and colourfastness to water resistance and weight. The tests will be offered at preferential rates to members of Textile Solutions through its website.Fabric manufacturers can also apply for ITS quality assurance accreditation, which gives them a globally recognised product quality grade. This means that potential customers have access to all the product information they need no matter what their particular quality specifications may be, the company claims.Tommy Lowback, CEO of Textile Solutions, said: "Textile Solutions puts more function into fabric. Our partnership with ITS will give people the confidence to experiment with new fabrics and have more freedom when designing collections. Its all part of our aim to provide a single access point that gives you a quicker, cheaper route to all the tools you need to buy and sell textiles."Martin Lees, e-commerce development manager for Europe, added: The Internet is a new and unfamiliar way of working for many companies and naturally people are wary of unknown quantities. We established our reputation in the 'old economy' and now we are offering our services to bridge the gap between the old and the new way of doing things - to help people feel at ease."ITS will be fully integrated into the Textile Solutions website from September 2000 alongside TNT, Textile Solutions' global logistics partner. Other partnerships are due to be announced shortly, the company said.